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  Accelerated learning Systems Limited is a training and development advisory practice, established in 2004. Over the years, the company has developed and executed several training, developed intervention programmes and developmental projects in different sectors of the economy. ALS has an operational footprint spanning the African continent.

Our work focuses around the design and development of bespoke programmes in management and organizational development, advisory services across institutions and development of off-the-shelf or bespoke learning management systems 

Our areas of expertise include:

·  Design and delivery of large scale training interventions in different sectors, with a significant proportion in education and employability skills development interventions.

·  Policy reviews and development of interventions to enable governments at regional and national levels strengthen education systems, match education outcomes to labor market skill requirements and develop functional entrepreneurship ecosystems.

· Career advisory services to institutions and organizations, using a wide range of psychometric assessment tools to accurately assess personality profiles, disposition towards learning interests and best career fit.

·  Deployment of off-the-shelf or design of bespoke learning management systems, ranging from simple to complex applications, to enable organizations support the learning aspirations of large numbers of learners at the same time.