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Development for Young professionals 
The Graduate Edge Training Programme is the world’s number one resource for developing students and young professionals, facilitating their transition into sharp, impactful, business-ready employees.

The Graduate Edge includes over 50 practical ‘how-to’ guides to help individuals Understand, Communicate, Connect, Drive, Relate, Influence, Lead, Develop and Excel early in their careers.

The Graduate Edge Training programme is in use in over 15 countries including USA, UK, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, China, South Africa, India, Canada and Australia.

Blended Learning

The Graduate Edge programme utilizes the unique methodology of Enlighten, Engage and Empower and help graduates to successfully make the transition into a professional career.

The custom built LMS, e3edge.com, is a cloud-based online learning platform specifically designed to deliver and measure Graduate Edge learning content. The e3edge hosts all online development content used to support off-the-job learning through video modules, AudioCast and more

To enhance engagement and interaction, we also have face-to-face contact sessions with students and young professionals.

Registration Dates

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Through this tool, programme advisors can easily see the Return on Investment (ROI) in their program. The key learning content can be grouped under the following five sections: 

Understanding self

  • How to discover your strengths, talents and passion
  • How to understand your most important values and live by them
  • How to create a personal vision for your future


Communication styles and methods

  • How to understand your preferred communication style
  • How to adapt to other people’s style to communicate effectively
  • How to get the communication process right
  • How to know what communication methods to use in the professional environment
  • How to use different communication methods effectively



  • How to develop mentors throughout your career
  • How to manage the most important person –You
  • How to set goals for you and your careers
  • How to solve problems


Connect / Influence

  • How to be more confident in networking
  • How to make a powerful first impression every time
  • How to develop an authentic personal brand
  • How to give a presentation with impact
  • How to write with influence



  • How to commence the development process
  • How to increase your personal and interpersonal awareness
  • How to use change to grow and develop yourself
  • How to use breakthrough thinking in your development


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