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We offer career advisory services to institutions and organizations, using a wide range of psychometric assessment tools to accurately assess personality profiles, disposition towards learning interests and best career fit.

  • The Learning Receptiveness Profile

available in versions for ages 13 upwards, and assesses disposition towards learning, emotional intelligence and also gives an indication of possible career fit.

  • Career Map

a validated and normed instrument which generates a report and scores possible career interests from relatively weak to very strong. Career Map was developed in the UK and is in use in secondary schools. It is flexible and can be mapped to local job boards so as to incorporate job openings in the relevant areas of interest, to aid further research for ensuring career success. The instrument has been deployed in national career advisory systems across the MENA region

  • Thomas PPA

a validated instrument we deploy in corporate organizations to match individuals to current and future roles, to enable diagnosis of training needs and help line managers understand how to get the best results from subordinates.

  • 12 Emotional Intelligences

a tool which generates a comprehensive report of an individual's emotional intelligence preferences

  • Other tools include Shadowmatch (team building and entry level assessments) Gallup Strengthsfinder and the Gallups EP 10 (Entrepreneurial Profiling)