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Thursday, 09 July 2015 08:51 Written by 
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 Why graduates need employability skills training

So much emphasis is placed on getting a degree that student’s focus more on exams, grades and GPA’s as opposed to what is actually being learnt. Therefore for most students the immediate priority is to study to pass and have a good degree upon graduation.  Most times that’s as far as the thought goes. The belief at that stage is “Good Degree- Good Job.”  However, the more a fresh graduate gets to understand the labor market and how competitive it is, the more he/she would understand that a degree is quarter of the requirements. Some people respond to this competition by getting postgraduate degrees but from personal experience, and the continued growth of this trend, post graduate degrees do not give as much of an edge as one might expect. 

While doing my postgraduate studies abroad, I was exposed to several programs designed to enhance the prospects of securing good jobs in a competitive job market. How to prepare resumes and cover letters, networking and getting to meet representatives from different companies, mock interviews and most importantly guidance and counselling, laid the foundation for the values that I have tried to imbibe and continue to build on. 

Sometimes I imagine how easier transiting to the work environment would have been if I had been exposed to and accepted such a program earlier, while doing my first degree in Nigeria. While some universities do make provision for similar services to graduating students, the approach and organization of such programs fall way below the point of efficiency. It is for this reason I am excited that the Graduate Edge employability skills certification is being introduced to recent graduates in Nigeria.  The curriculum is thorough, indepth and effective. It is also rated as the world's number 1 resource for preparing students and recent graduates. The Graduate Edge employability skills certification is being used by leading companies and universities in more than 15 countries to turn graduates into young professionals.

Noyosayi Osaghae





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